About Us

About Muaziq Engineering

Headquartered in Teluk Intan, Perak, MUAZIQ ENGINEERING SDN BHD is an established key player of Malaysia’s green energy industry, playing its role as a developer, manufacturer, and supplier of high-grade biomass fuels. Our primary business is focused on rice husk and wood pellet fuel production with a daily output of 50 tons.

Pellet fuels are a form of biomass renewable energy source made from recycled organic waste materials that would otherwise be thrown away into a landfill.  Following our sustainable mission, MUAZIQ utilises industrial waste and by-products, food waste, agriculture residue, energy crops and raw wood to produce our biomass fuels. We take pride in being a part of Malaysia’s sustainable initiatives by producing rice husk and wood pellet fuel which are deemed to be among the most efficient and cleanest burning fuel sources on the market today.

MUAZIQ has a robust business framework that has successfully produced an established customer base. Moreover, we are currently in the midst of a long-term development.

Origins of MUAZIQ

Established in 2010, Mr. Chan Kam Fatt single-handedly built this company that was, at the time, known for its specialisation in technology and craftsmanship. After years of hard work, MUAZIQ made a name for itself. From being an engineering company specialising in plant construction services to a wide-ranging company that produces and sells pellet fuels, fresh fruit bunches, palm kernel shell, palm kernel expeller and more. In addition to this success, MUAZIQ now has a prominent and loyal clientele, with an outstanding brand reputation that has since gained global recognition.  Following this business transformation, MUAZIQ dived into a more significant market potential: the green energy market, aggressively researching and developing high-grade pellet fuel-related products.

Top Management

Mr. Chan Kam Fatt

Mr. Chan Wai Keong
Marketing Director

Mr. Chan Wai Leong
Production Manager